Top solutions for tailings management and dams.

Our mission

Our mission is to prevent tailings from becoming a limiting factor for the future development of the mining industry.

Metals are the perfect recyclable material, but still there are not enough metals available today. There are millions of people around the world about to rise out of poverty – and needing more metals to achieve this.

One of the mining industry’s biggest challenges is the management of the residual product, tailings.

Our mission at TCS is to be the consultant that is associated with top solutions for tailings management and dam structures.

What is tailings?

Tailings are the residual product generated from mining after crushing, grinding and enrichment of ore. Usually this residual product is delivered in the form of a slurry consisting of finely ground sand – tailings – mixed with water.

The mining industry is dependent on the sustainable management of this by-product during and after the mining operational life. Typically, this is done within a tailings facility, which after mine closure undergoes remediation and adapted to be left long term without impacting the environment.