Top solutions for tailings management and dams.

Our working method

The right solution to the right cost, delivered on time.

This means that when we take on an assignment there will not be any surprises – we keep to what we promise.


We make a difference by providing the right solutions – cost effective and sustainable. We are responsive to our clients’ needs and expectations and tackle the problems we face with a creative holistic approach. Through our ideas, we contribute to the evolution of the industry.


We want to promote a positive atmosphere within all projects. Our work is characterized by our genuine interest in tailings management combined with the satisfaction of being able to provide our clients with sound solutions.


Our ambition is to continuously develop – to perform even better than we did the last time. In large as well as in small details we always aim to find possible improvements. The best way to satisfy our clients is not just to meet their expectations, but to exceed them.

Our environmental approach:

The environment is important to us. Our contribution to the mining industry is in the long-term management of tailings that complies with the environmental requirements, and prevents tailings from becoming a limiting factor for the industry’s continued development.

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